Wednesday, January 31, 2018


I don't know how, but a whole year has passed by since the most wonderful day of my life. The day I met my Oliver Rey. A whole year with my sweet, sweet boy! 

On Sunday we threw him a party at a play cafe for under 5's. We had the place to ourselves, with family and friends and lots of littles running around. It was lovely and Oliver enjoyed it. I spent most of the time feeling guilty that I wasn't talking to everyone enough, or that I wasn't playing with my boy and enjoying his party with him. It was pretty hectic. My talented friend created the most beautiful woodland birthday cake, along with some baby friendly, refined sugar free chocolate cupcakes for the occasion and they all went down a treat. 

Today, however is Oliver's actual birthday and we chose to keep this day just for the three of us. Which I am SO grateful we did. I wanted quality time with our boy, to not be rushed and to be able to take the time to enjoy the day, make memories and photograph moments that he can look back on. After a slow morning of opening his presents and cards we headed out for brunch to start our days celebrations. Oliver had buttermilk pancakes with strawberries, blueberries & banana. We then drove to a local tropical butterfly house for an afternoon of exploring and looking at exotic animals. Sadly the weather wasn't the best - very cold and snowy. So we missed out on quite a lot of the outdoor enclosures. However the butterfly house itself more than made up for it. Colourful birds and butterflies flying around, scarcely missing our heads. One of which came to land on my hand for a while giving Oliver the chance to take a closer look. 

In this last week leading up to his birthday Oliver has taken his first few steps and has gained in confidence day by day. Given the opportunity he's spent the day toddling around the butterfly house like a little drunk, feeling super pleased with himself at how good he's getting at putting one foot forward. 

I'm not quite sure when my newborn baby became a toddler but all I do know is, is that my love for him grows larger by the hour. Every new thing he learns to do has me beaming with pride. Time is flying by, as they all warn you it will. But no matter how many people tell you this, nothing can prepare you for how suddenly they change and grow. The time we have with them as littles is very short. As sad as I am that those newborn days are over, each stage of his development is more exciting than the last. With each one his personality grows, his capacity to show affection grows and our bond becomes ever stronger. Becoming Oliver's mum is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Ash and I consider ourselves beyond proud to be his parents. 

Happy First Birthday Oliver Rey! You have my heart forever.

Love you, always.


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