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Oliver Rey | A Birth Story

Oliver Rey - was born on the 31st January at 00:10am weighing 8lb 10oz!

I began my maternity leave half way through my 37th week of pregnancy and fully expected that I would (like a lot of the first time mums I knew) go over due. I had two and a half weeks until due date and fully intended on using this time to keep on top of housework ready for the big day arriving, having chilled dog walks and making the most of my free time by meeting up with friends for coffee and that's exactly what I did. Week 40 arrived and that's where this birth story really begins.

Friday 27th January (3 days before due date) - Ash and I were relaxing at home in the evening, I had been switching from the sofa to the birthing ball and back again in my heavily pregnant and uncomfortable state when I started getting 'period pain' in my lower tummy and all around my back. After it coming and going a few times I started to take notice of the mild pain and decided to time how often they were coming. We didn't want to get too hopeful, but after an hour of timing them we noted they were roughly every 10-20 mins! another half an hour later and they came to a stop. Not a single thing after that, so we put it down to Braxton hicks and carried on with our night.

Saturday 28th January (2 days before due date) - On the Saturday I experienced a generally achey back all throughout the day and began feeling more of the period-like pains I had the night before, but they were much further apart and I didn't think anything of them - more braxton hicks or my body just getting itself ready for labour. That night we were due to go out for a meal for Ash's mums birthday. When Ash got home from work around tea time I noticed the pains had become more frequent (every half an hour or so) and had become stronger. Ash worried that we shouldn't go out for a meal, but there was no way I was missing out on Italian food for what was likely another false alarm. Preggo got to eat! All night I was fussed over by Ash's dad, mum, sister and Ash himself, worried I was standing up too long as we waited for our table, worried someone was going to accidentally nudge me as they squeezed past, worried because what I now definitely considered as a contraction continued every half an hour and were definitely getting stronger. Despite all of it I made it through the meal and around 11:30pm we headed home. We were both exhausted so headed straight to bed where my long and gruelling night began. From 12pm - 4:30am I had contractions every 10-20mins and made getting any sleep impossible!

Sunday 29th January (1 day to due date) - Contractions continued... every 10-20mins... all day!
We took the dog to her vet and groomers appointment and wandered around TKMAXX while we waited at which point I was stopping in the aisles of the homeware section to have my contractions. We stopped at McDonald's for dinner on the way home and had a chilled afternoon in. I attempted to sleep to no avail and bounced around on my ball until bed time arrived and another sleepless night awaited me...

Monday 30th January (Due Date!) - At around midnight I popped to the loo (something I did every 20mins after each contraction as they always made me need to pee) and discovered I had lost my 'mucas plug'. I shouted to wake Ash from his sleep to tell him what had happened. At this point I felt like this was affirmation that my body was definitely doing something. Around 5am I brought myself downstairs on the sofa as I felt guilty for disturbing Ash's sleep with all my wandering around and decided to ring the birthing centre for advice. They advised me to have a hot bath, take paracetamol and to come in around 7/8am to be examined. My midwife was due to come out to see me at home that morning to give me a sweep, but now it was a case of whether I could wait that long. When Ash woke for work at 6am we decided it was best for him to stay at home with me. I had my hot bath and at 9am we headed to the hospital and packed my hospital bags in the car, just in case. I was examined, given the sweep and sure enough I was 1cm dilated and in early labour! As it was super early days they sent me home to wait for active labour to begin.

I had another hot bath at 7pm that night as throughout the day I'd started getting bad back ache as well as stronger contractions. I called the hospital again from the bath as we felt like I had definitely progressed from the morning, but was told to stay home as I sounded like I was coping well through contractions and they needed to be more painful before I headed in. On getting out of the bath my contractions kicked up a gear! I was on all fours in my towel, in our bedroom when Ash suggested heading out to pick me up a TENS machine. However, there was no way I was letting him leave me at this point so we entrusted his dad with the task of bringing one over for me. I strapped it on as soon as they arrived and at last had some relief from the achey back, which hadn't allowed any 'rest' time in-between contractions which at this point were coming between 3-5 mins. On seeing me, his parents and Ash decided it was definitely time for me to head back to hospital, so with a quick phone call to notify them, I WAS coming in, we headed back to the hospital for me to be re-examined. The midwife (who was far less gentle than the one who had examined me that morning) told me I was 5cm dilated, in active labour and would be heading to delivery suite! YES! My midwife Lisa then arrived to take me to my room complete with birthing pool - DOUBLE YES! I had desperately wanted a water birth and was terrified there wouldn't be one available. We were shown to our room, the midwife set the pool filling up and Ash popped to the car to get my bags now I was staying in the hospital. I was offered gas & air straight away but I declined as I wanted to wait a little longer as I didn't know at this point how painful this was going to get and didn't want to rely on pain relief too early.

Between 9:30-10pm I changed into a swim top, got into the pool and began using my gas & air. From there it all happened fairly quickly, my contractions stepped up and my body began to push down at the end of each contraction involuntarily. I have never felt more motivated in my entire life than I was pushing our baby out and it's crazy how your body just knows what to do, I trusted my instincts and went with my body. I spent most of the time in the pool with my eyes closed, taking deep breaths of gas and air and taking sips of water that Ash offered me from the sides, gas and air makes your mouth so dry! After roughly two hours in the birthing pool Oliver Rey was born at 12:10am! I picked up my own baby out of the water and placed him straight on my chest. I was full of shock and adrenaline and truth be told it still probably hasn't sunk in that this little baby is all mine. So I just stared down at this purple little man who stared back up at me with one eye open.

I honestly could not have asked for a better birth experience, I got everything in my birth plan, and would not have wanted to give birth in any other way than in the water. Overall I feel so empowered with how I gave birth and I'm super thankful for a birth with no complications and a beautiful healthy baby boy as a result.

We could not be more in love with our perfect baby boy! Welcome to the world Oliver Rey!

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