Friday, January 13, 2017

Third Trimester Update

We're finally here! I am currently 37 weeks pregnant and I write this having just experienced my first half a day of maternity leave! Baby M is fully baked and could arrive at any time. I feel both incredibly excited but also terrified at this prospect! Not about the labour as most would expect - that part I'm oddly looking forward to experiencing. I'm more terrified of the fragile little person who I will have brought into the world and who will rely on me to take care of his every need! That shit is 'adulting' for real!

I'm hoping baby boy will decide to make his appearance around the 38-40 week mark, which I know is impossible to predict or plan - he'll arrive when he's ready! I just hope labour will have the opportunity to begin naturally, so arriving before or around due date could nicely avoid mentions of things like going in for a sweep, or being induced from my midwife.

Anyway, on to the third trimester updates! Here is a list of things I have experienced throughout the final stage of pregnancy:
  • Bad nights sleep - I have totally fallen out with my pregnancy pillow and an achey back, pelvis and joints means waking up every two seconds with the challenge of painfully changing position.
  • At this point feeling 'good' in any outfit is out the window! 
  • Feeling hiccups for the first time - A tiny rhythmic pulse, almost like a heartbeat in one spot of my belly quickly became a regular occurrence. Baby M gets hiccups at least once daily!
  • A growing bump, getting heavier and heavier was the start of a fair bit of lower belly pain. At times it has felt as though my muscles just above my pelvis have been torn! Walking, doing the housework, even just getting off the sofa have at times felt quite difficult. I've found wearing a bump support helpful in easing off some of the pressure and taking some of the weight off my muscles. 
  • Lots of baby movement!
  • Feeling the need to constantly stuff my face - my eating habits have remained fairly normal throughout (minus the first 3 months where I barely ate a thing due to the joy that is hyperemesis), except in these final stages where the hunger has been real! 
  • Breathing - a simple thing that we do autonomously! Proven to be increasingly difficult, even when sitting, when your continuously growing uterus is forcing every organ, lungs included up into your ribs!
  • Feeling hot! Not in a 'check me out' way but in a 'I could probably fry an egg on my forehead' kind of way.
  • Baby M got his head into position fairly promptly - around 34 weeks I believe, which has meant lots of pressure on the bladder & feeling like I need to pee constantly, including directly after going to the loo!
In other news, none-symptom related, I attended my midwife appointment around 32 weeks, had my bump measured and from this got referred for a scan and to be monitored, as bump was measuring larger than expected. All was fine on the checkups and he was estimated as just being a decent sized baby, very active and with a solid heartbeat! Yay!

I feel at this point as prepared as I could possibly feel, without really knowing what to expect. The nursery is decorated, the furniture is in, all his clothes, blankets and bedding have been washed, my hospital bags, his and mine are packed bar the last few necessities - like toiletries, the isofix base is fitted in the car and pram and car seat have been de-boxed! 

Maternity leave has officially begun and now all there is to do is wait for those ever elusive signs of labour! I have enjoyed my pregnancy and will no doubt miss my bump when he's finally here, even if at this moment I am praying to wear regular clothes and be able to get off the sofa unaided. So whenever you're ready baby M, just try not to hang around in there for too much longer, deal?


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