Friday, December 23, 2016

Maternity Wear - Christmas Eve to Day

There is endless advice out there on how to dress for your body shape, how to dress for an hour glass figure, a pear-shaped figure etc. However, one thing I have recently discovered, is that no one tells you how to dress for a spherical figure! What do you do then? At 34 weeks pregnant, rocking my new continually expanding ball-like body & the festive season upon us, I found myself asking this very question! To find very little of an answer!

I began browsing for hours online - seeking inspiration for outfits I could recreate and make look fabulous despite my rounder shape. Pinterest provided me some ideas, not all of which I was positive I could pull off so well, but it was a start. I browsed online shops seeking ideas too, skipping to the 'Christmas' & 'Maternity' sections of their websites and often feeling disappointed with what was on offer. Boohoo I have found, has the most impressive maternity selection, especially for occasion wear.

I found this Topshop sheer, sparkly top as I was scrolling down my Facebook feed and saw it on one of their advertisements. It had the perfect amount of festive sparkle and I love anything sheer! This top isn't maternity, so I ordered a much larger size than normal and hoped it wouldn't be too big, so it could be something I wear even after baby arrives. Luckily the material is a little elastic, it fits my bump comfortably and I'm positive it will look even better when I return to normal sizing.

I also ordered wet look maternity leggings for a bargain of £12 from Boohoo and got free next day delivery. I am a huge fan of wet/leather look bottoms to dress up an outfit. I'm also hoping to continue wear out of these post-pregnancy, at least during the in-between stages of shrinking back down to size.

Christmas Eve we are heading out for a family meal in the evening, requiring a more 'dressed up' look. I have paired the top for this occasion with a comfortable pencil skirt that I already owned (perfect for eating a big meal and a preggo belly). Underneath the sheer top I'm wearing a black lace bralet from Primark - a purchase I made when looking for more comfortable, wireless underwear, but wasn't quite ready for the hideousness of a maternity bra.

Top: Topshop | Wet Look Leggings: Boohoo | Long Cami/Vest Top: Primark | Gold Studded Clutch: Primark (old) | Black Peep Toe Ankle Boot: Primark (old) | Knot Hoop Earrings: River Island (old) | Black Lace Bralet: Primark (Recent)

Christmas Day itself, I think it's always nice to be a little dressy, even if you're not doing much other than visiting relatives and eating all day. So for this I've added the wet look maternity leggings (perfect for that big ole' christmas dinner) and a less revealing vest top under the sheer for more of a 'daytime' look.

I hope this post has been helpful to any other preggo's out there going through the same struggle or sparked any ideas for your own festive looks. Style posts aren't my usual thing over here but it's something I'd like to do more of, so let me know what you think in the comments!
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