Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Second Trimester

Tomorrow marks my 33rd week of pregnancy, I am a fair few weeks into my third trimester and feeling/looking huge! Which means writing up about all I experienced in the second trimester is well overdue! I've been rather rubbish at documenting my pregnancy and didn't make notes of my symptoms as they were happening which meant I had to rack my brain to remember the little things. I have learnt my lesson however and have already got a loooong list ready for the third trimester update, which who knows, I may even get round to writing before the baby is born!

So all in all the second trimester was fairly easy going. I gained more energy than I had in the first, my appetite returned to normal and my dreadful Hyperemesis finally seemed to settle, with the continued help from anti sickness medication.

Baby movements developed strong and fast in the second trimester! The little flutters of movement I felt at first, all of a sudden became distinct kicks, full body rolls and waves in my tummy, that occurred on a more regular basis - especially when relaxing, eating or drinking. I also started to be able to feel these movements not only on the inside but with my hand on the outside too, which meant Ash, friends and family could also begin to enjoy feeling little boy's movements. I remember taking a bubble bath and feeling lots of thuds, looking down at my stomach and seeing his kicks send ripples in the water! This was the first time I'd seen my belly physically move as a result of baby.

Although the second trimester did consist of mainly positives, there were a couple of downsides. Cramp being the worst! Most nights if not every night, I woke up with a jolt of agony in my calves! Cramp alone isn't pleasant, without it being in both legs at the same time and affecting your already disturbed sleep on a nightly basis. With the help from the cramp, sleep generally became difficult. A growing bump, pelvic pain and a love hate relationship with my pregnancy pillow definitely made finding a comfortable position a challenge.

Up to this point I had been rather proud at how well I had managed to squeeze into my existing clothes, but around midway through I found the hair tie around my jean button no longer sufficed and finally invested in a pair of maternity jeans. I won't get into how I found buying maternity wear as we'd be here all day! Needless to say the selection out there is shite.

And that's a rap! I shall try my best to make sure I update on the third trimester in a much more timely manner than I have so far. After all, at this point there's 7 weeks left on the clock until full term.

*Try not to panic!

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