Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Entering The Unknown

The Christmas festivities are drawing to an end and I find myself contently enjoying time off work and living those in between days before we wave goodbye to yet another year and say hello to a brand new one. As I sit here writing this, I am reminded by the movements of arms and legs in my belly, of all the change that awaits me in the new year. At some point within the next 5-7 weeks I will become a mother. 'My life will change forever' - is a phrase I am hit with often.

I am incredibly lucky to be growing my child, to be experiencing little hiccups, rolls and kicks that reassure me the little life inside me is happy and progressing as he should be. I am beyond excited to meet this tiny person that we have made. To see his face, what colour hair he has, if he has my nose or his dad's lips.

However with all those feelings of excitement and anticipation to finally have my baby in my arms, there is also a sense of fear, a fear I am positive any new parent will experience in these final days leading up to the birth. A fear of many things. Will I be good enough? Am I adult enough for this? Of the extra responsibility, how will we afford it all?, the sleepless nights. Will I lose my identity or time to enjoy the things I do now? How will my relationship change? 'My life will change forever'. Fear, most of all, of the unknown. I am entering a time in my life that nothing and no one can ever prepare me for, both the overwhelming joy, excitement and love and the worry, the hard nights and lack of sleep.

In the beginning of 2016 I wrote on here that I wanted to blog more and to do so would aim to do things that would make my life more interesting. I was invited for the first time to blogging events and to write reviews for restaurants I tried - I blogged more! I also was blog free for a while and in that time I got engaged and fell pregnant. My life in 2016 definitely got more interesting! I still don't feel I've quite found my footing here yet and growing my blog is definitely something I want to do in the new year - how and in what way I'm not yet sure.

It's safe to say setting any solid goals or plans for 2017 isn't quite possible at this point, as the unknown patiently waits in front of me.

So here's to 'winging it' for the new year! Let's do this!

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