Sunday, October 16, 2016

A Pre-Birthday Weekend

It is my 24th birthday tomorrow (Monday) and as I will be at work, there won't be much room for celebrating, so we've pretty much spent the weekend in birthday mode. Saturday night we enjoyed a meal out with family to celebrate both mine and Ash's birthday as his was on Wednesday. 

We ate at an Italian restaurant, ate the largest calzone I have ever seen and got served by the most hilarious waiter! His mum also made us a large very impressive birthday cake to share, which we shared with said waiter with a round of lemon liquor shots (I had a lemonade, whoo!). Our Sunday has been a little more relaxed, starting with  a lie in, arranging birthday flowers, bacon and egg sandwiches, caramel lattes, exploring new dog walking spots, finished off with some pub grub and an alcohol free Kopperburg.

So to finish our pre-birthday weekend, we're all curled up on the sofa, the heating on full, consuming the last of the birthday cake and the dread of a new Monday setting in. Here's to turning 24 and the last working week before half term.


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