Sunday, September 25, 2016

The First Trimester

This is going to be a long one - if you're generally not into baby/pregnancy stuff you should probably skip this one. 

As of tomorrow I will be 22 weeks pregnant, as you may notice from the developed bump pictured above. So I've been in my second trimester for a while now and figured I had better write this, before I forget all that happened/enter the third trimester. 

Time seems to be going by at an alarming rate now, despite those first 12 weeks feeling like forever. The anticipation to tell everyone our news really ensured that reaching that first scan felt like the longest wait of our lives. Christmas will be here before we know it and our boy will be arriving not long after.

The first trimester for me was not pleasant. Unlike those lucky few who experience little sickness and sail on through with nothing but a little fatigue - I was the exact opposite. At 5/6 weeks pregnant I was admitted to hospital for 24 hours, placed on a drip to replace my lost fluids, injected with anti sickness medication and diagnosed with Hyperemesis! The rest, as they say is history. I continued to take anti sickness medication daily on being discharged which at least allowed me the ability to eat and drink a little and reduced sickness to that of normal levels. I lost around a stone in weight during this time.

Tiredness was also fairly extreme - most days arriving home from work, heading straight to bed and usually sleeping straight through until morning. It's safe to say being sociable was not high on the list throughout those first 12-14 weeks. 

It wasn't all negative though, despite my ill health. We also experienced lots of loveliness:

  • Seeing our little peanut on an emergency scan at 6 weeks was something we hadn't anticipated. The reassurance of seeing it's flickering heartbeat was well needed after the weeks of sickness. We then had what should have technically been our first scan at 13 weeks and saw how much our peanut had developed. A cute little nose and legs stretched out, provided us amusement with how chilled and content our baby appeared to be. 

  • The reaction from family/friends when we told them was a huge relief. It's odd, Ash and I felt initially hesitant about reactions from parents - I think in our heads we both still feel young ourselves and almost as if we'd done something wrong. Of course this was just us being silly and family were overjoyed - making first time grandparents is very exciting. My closest friends probably provided me with the most happiness. They cried, overwhelming, happy tears and made me feel especially grateful to have such wonderful people in my life (you know who you are ladies!) 

  • Having pregnant friends. Its amazing to have friends that are pregnant at the same time, having someone to talk to who understands all the changes you're experiencing and to get excited with just makes the whole being pregnant thing more fun!

  • Ash - just generally being an amazing fianc√© and taking care of me throughout the whole time. Being as sick and tired as I was meant I was pretty useless around the house, wasn't cooking because I wasn't eating, which meant he was left with a lot of lonely meals for one, whilst I was sleeping. Walking the dog all by himself after already putting in long hours at work. This initial period was tough for me, but it was also tough for him and I appreciate him so much for everything he has done. He's the most amazing partner and he will make an incredible father. 

That's probably the bulk of it for the first trimester. Hopefully I won't leave it too much longer before I get around to posting on the second trimester, as lots of exciting developments have happened in this time that I can't wait to share!

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