Tuesday, February 09, 2016

The Alchemist | Leeds

Finally!! After literally years of wanting to experience The Alchemist, that I have heard so much about and seen a million dreamy looking photos of cocktails from… Finally, it was our turn to see what the fuss was all about! and what I can say is that we were definitely not disappointed! At Christmas, we were very kindly gifted by Ash's sister and brother in-law, a trip to The Alchemist in Leeds, as our joint present. They knew how much we had wanted to try out the place, after they had visited on a few occasions and told us how great it was, yet also very rightly knew we would never think to spend money on ourselves with a trip like this and so thought they would do it for us.
So, as we are both off work this week for half-term we decided it was the perfect opportunity for a mid-week trip, hopped on a train and arrived in Leeds in less than an hour. There's a fair few photo's coming up and I have a whole lot to say about this place, so grab yourself a brew and enjoy.

Now, I keep no secret in the fact that I am a HUGE cocktail lover, therefore it's no surprise the first thing I could think of was choosing which would be the first to try! Usually I go for the standard three, either a Margarita (my absolute fave! TEQUILA!), a Mojito or a Long Island Iced Tea, in this case however I was desperate to spread my wings with the choice of oddly named concoctions The Alchemist has to offer. I decided on 'Bubble Bath' £7.95 as my first of the day. It arrived BUBBLING in a science lab, inspired potion bottle which the waitress then poured into my glass, to which it continued to bubble and smoke! Amazing! Ash ordered the manliest cocktail on the menu, the 'Dead Red Zombie' £9.50 which also arrived bubbling, smoking and very glittery! Food wise we ordered Edamame Beans and Olives both £2.95 to share for our starters and for mains, I ordered a Chicken Ramen (surprise, surprise), which arrived with the broth in a potion bottle, which was poured in with my chicken and vegetables to leave me with a smoking Ramen - I mean you really can't get more impressive than that people! Ash ordered himself a Pulled Pork House Burger £8.95 with Cheese and Bacon £2.25 which looked incredible - not going to lie, slightly disappointed I didn't manage to steal a bite!

After our mains had been devoured, accompanied by a million appreciation noises - yes it really was that good, I almost had a 'When Harry Met Sally' moment, we looked on the dessert menu. I went for the Salted Caramel Cheesecake £5.50 and Ash chose the Warm Chocolate Fudge Cake £5.75, we both had a bite of each others to start, before tucking into our own and yep - more appreciation noises! Just sooo yummy! When we finished our desserts we both ordered Long Island Iced Tea's £7.75 (bubbling and smoking yes) to finish off our visit, paid the bill and headed out on the balcony while we finished our drinks and enjoyed our view of the setting afternoon sun over the city.

Our entire bill came to around £71 for all our food and drinks. Usually we wouldn't spend this much if we we're just heading out for some dinner at the weekend, but as it was a gift and a treat for us both we just ordered what we wanted and enjoyed the experience. The food is very reasonably priced, especially when you get the quality of food The Alchemist offer and their cocktail prices are fairly standard, with the odd exception of the more pricey specials and sharers. The actual venue itself is beautiful and incredibly well designed. Gorgeous seating and dining - copper everywhere (thumbs up from me), floor to ceiling windows surrounding and stunning filament bulb lighting, over the bar area. I will definitely be returning to The Alchemist the next time we are due a treat day, and would love to return for drinks and/or a meal with some of our friends. This place absolutely lived up to expectation and I have only great things to say.

Have you ever been to The Alchemist? What did you think?


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