Saturday, January 02, 2016

Twenty Sixteen

Blogging in 2015? Well there wasn't a great deal of it, mostly once a month for roughly eight months and this is the first time I have written anything on here since October, so I apologise in advance for the wordy post but we have two months to catch up on here. I'd like to promise myself that I'll do more of it this year, but I'm not going to do that. Most of the time the reason I don't blog - or the main reason for the past year, was that I didn't feel I had anything interesting to blog about. So rather than saying I will blog more this year, a more important aim I feel is to make my life more interesting in this new year and maybe from that more blogging will occur - who knows!

Admittedly the last half of 2015 wasn't all that great for me. I've been feeling unhappy/anxious in the daily routine I have found myself in,work and just generally baring the feeling of being lost - having no idea what to do/what direction to take to change any of it, something that has carried over into the new year with me. Mostly I just wanted to be spending more time with the people I love and enjoying life more - my number ONE goal for this year. I'm still trying to figure out the logistics of what exactly I want to do - if  I ever do  the start to all of my changes.

So… moving on to the goals for this year that are hopefully a tad simpler.

Cook more 

Another side effect to the daily grind meant that I lost my touch with cooking and the enjoyment I get from making a decent meal. It's not all been unhealthy but a quick, pain free option has been the constant over the last few months and is something I wish to make less frequent. In turn, continue my quest to be more savvy with our food shops and preparing food for work in order to be more economical - boots meal deals add up day after day. Today I purchased the Wagamama cookbook as an incentive to start cooking more at home and finally learning how to make the perfect chilli chicken ramen!

Shift some pounds

Yes, yes. That one. The same promise everyone makes to themselves and the same one I've made year after year and never actually done. However with my best friends wedding next month, a lovely bridesmaids dress to fit nicely into and a holiday to Greece booked in the summer, it's definitely something I feel is worth a go. I'm not saying I'll be at the gym everyday - I hate the gym and in fact intend to cancel my membership. I prefer fresh air, running, long dog walks, swimming and yoga. So maybe we'll try that.

Read more

I love a good book and I don't read enough it's as simple as that. Those days where I must use public transport to get home or rather than having an extra hour down stairs watching TV, stick my head in a good book instead. Consequently…

Get more sleep

My bed time during the week is usually 10pm and with a 6:30am alarm is a decent eight and a half hours. However I am always still exhausted in the mornings and getting out of bed feels like a torturous task. I have grown more anxious in recent times and this hits most prominently at bed time, meaning drifting off isn't the easiest. Most importantly on week nights I'd like to improve my bed time routine - get in my pj's nice and early, my night time skin routine (Khiels midnight elixir and its soothing lavender smell), a cup of Clippers Snore and Peace herbal tea and a wind down in bed, either with a book or listening to some sleep aiding music?

That concludes my plans for 2016 so far - here's hoping they're stuck to.

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